We enjoy the benefit of the best possible communications either by sea, air or land. Our headquarters are located barely 15 kilometres away from Bilbao International Airport and the city’s Port, and only 5 kilometres away from the motorway, in the heart of the Arratia Valley, a region known for its deeply rooted industrial culture.

Construcciones mecánicas Aranzazu
Carret. Bilbao Vitoria Km 24,
Coordinates: 43.155688, -2.790657

Assembly facilities
Polígono Bildosola 106-F parcelas 8 y 9
48142 Artea (Bizkaia)
Coordinates: 43.138691, -2.783981

Clients/offers: comercial@cmaranzazu.com
General: cmaranzazu@cmaranzazu.com
Purchases: compras@cmaranzazu.com
Quality: calidad@cmaranzazu.com
Administration: admin@cmaranzazu.com


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