Iron and steel

  • Mills
  • Coil cariages
  • Shears
  • Coiling and uncoiling machines
  • Coated stell and aluminium rolls
  • Tundish cars
  • Roll-bearing chocks
  • Walking beams
  • Belt coilers
  • Ingot molds
  • False mill bars
  • Pulling and reeling mills

How we work

Extensive and proven experience

COMECARAN, SAL has an extensive and proven experience nationally and internationally in the manufacture of medium and heavy boilers in large machining and assembly of sets of equipment for the industry in general.

Expansion plan

Within its expansion plan and in order to give better response and service to its customers, COMECARAN SAL is entering the field of industrial maintenance and assembly plants.

Additional services

  • Pressure equipment under the "U" stamp ASME (ASME Certification)
  • Assembly and testing of assemblies manufactured at our facilities
  • Pickling and passivation of stainless steel
  • Industrial equipment repairs and maintenance plan
  • ... And for those exceptional cases in which the specifications exceed our internal capabilities, COMECARAN abuts the industrial fabric of the Basque Country, an area with a strong tradition and industrial culture